Factory Compliance

Compliance for a new factory or an existing factory requires colossal skills and efforts. The robust tracking system should be in place to corroborate the Compliance activities. Pleasant Industrial Relations climate apart from compliance and governance is essential for a vibrant and productive environment. TeamLease offers the client the required proficiency, expertise and technology-driven software tools and processes to ensure compliance on a routine basis, thus enabling the client to focus on production and IR climate.

TeamLease is an expert in handling diverse requirement of the Factory Compliances in India with an efficient sizeable team of compliance and labour law experts. From a new factory registration to future expansion plan in existing factory, TeamLease is helps you with every statutory or labour requirement enabling you a surety of being 100% compliant.

To whom does Factories Act 1948 apply?

This Act is applicable to all factories which have employed 10 or more workers on any day of the preceding 12 months, engaged in manufacturing process being carried out with the aid of power or twenty or more than twenty workers are employed in manufacturing process being carriesd out without the aid of power.


Services at a glance

Factory Registrations Acts

Registrations under applicable Acts

Factory Licenses Renewals

Licenses – Fresh / Renewals / Amendments

Factory Returns and Registers

Preparation of Statutory Returns and Statutory Registers

Factory Vendor Audit

Vendor Audit

Employees' State Insurance

Factory Inspection notice

Employees' State Insurance

Compliance in acts related to safety, health & welfare of the workers

Employees' State Insurance

Compliance in acts related to disclosures, notices, displays etc

We also cover

Employees' State Insurance

Factory ESI

Employees' State Insurance

Factory EPF

Employees' State Insurance

Factory Professional Tax

Employees' State Insurance

Factory Welfare Fund

Did you know ?


Crèche applicable in two conditions for any Factory

  • Under Factories Act - 30 Women Employees
  • Under Maternity Benefit Act - 50 employees

Every State publishes the qualifications and other conditions for appointment of Welfare officer in the Factory


Every layout change in the factory is required to be submitted for approval of authority


Overtime to be paid to all the employees exceeding the normal working hours according to Code on Wages, 2019 and is not applicable to the Factories as per Draft OSH&WC Central Rules

Why Outsource?

Employees' State Insurance
  • Avoid any litigation due to Non- Compliance
  • Timely Compliance and Adherence to Labour Laws
  • Keeping up with changing government regulations and reducing penalties
  • Lowering HR administration cost
  • Maintaining total control over the company, as an employer
  • On average 60% of companies HR time is spent on administration, 30% on consulting and 10% on strategy
  • Real-time Updates related to the changes in current practices
  • Authoritative guidance in cases of ambiguity