Rajasthan Government on Suggestive Pre-qualification Document (SPQD) for Empanelment (for Goods and Works)

Aug 13, 2022 | by TeamLease RegTech Legal Research Team

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Finance & Taxation ComplianceThe Rajasthan Government on August 12, 2022, Inviting comments and suggestions for the finalization of the Suggestive Pre-qualification Document (SPQD) for Empanelment (for Goods and Works).

If the SPQD process has been adopted for procurement, shall be used by all the ‘Procuring Entities’ as defined in Sub-section (xvi) of Section 2 of the Act after suitably customizing it to the specific requirement of the subject matter of procurement.  

This SPQD is for the purposes of procurement of ‘Goods’ and ‘Works’ only, following the Open Competitive Bidding method (as per sub-section (1) of Section 29 of the Act) and duly following the e-procurement process.

Eligibility for the scheme is that an applicant shall be treated as a bidder as defined in Section 2 of the Act and may be an individual, any private company, registered/incorporated under ‘Companies Act, 2013’, a proprietorship firm, a partnership firm, a limited liability partnership (under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008) in India, a Society registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860; or Trust registered under The Indian Trusts Act, 1882.

[Notification NO. F.8(15)FD/SPFC/Consultant/2020]


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