Government of Rajasthan publishes the Rajasthan Excise (Amendment) Rules, 2020

Apr 09, 2020 | by TeamLease RegTech Legal Research Team

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Finance & Taxation ComplianceThe State Government of Rajasthan on April 01, 2020, has published the Rajasthan Excise (Amendment) Rules, 2020, to further amend the various license fees under Rajasthan Excise Rules, 1956.

The following amendments are as under:

• Under Rule 2(a-2) which defines Bottle in Origin (BIO), new proviso has been inserted, namely: 

"Bottled in Origin (BIO)’ means Foreign Liquor bottled out of India in Foreign Countries and brought into the State:

Provided that Foreign Liquor bottled in Nepal and Bhutan would not be treated as BIO and provisions of BIO shall not apply on the same.

• Under Rule 68 which specifies the fees and terms for certain lecenses: 

1. serial number (6-C) regarding License to work for has been substituted, to enhance the license fee for:

a) Distillery with permission to bottle IMFL having production capacity in kilolitre per day

b) Brewery having production capacity in kiloliter per year

c) Bottling plant to bottle IMFL / Country Liquor / Wine

d) Heritage Manufactory

e) Winery

2. New serial number has been inserted, namely:

a) Serial Number (6-E): Permission to subletting plant

b) Serial number (6-F): Permission for manufacturing under franchise agreement fees

c) Serial number (6-G): Permission for testing facilities at winery 

• Under Rule 69 which specifies the fee for a license for sale of foreign liquor, wine, RTD and Beer:

1. In Sub-rule (1), existing clause (A), has been substituted to enhance the license fees for a brand of imported foreign liquor having basic per carton of Quarts, Pints, Nips, or other packing size as declared by supplier.   

2. In Sub-rule (2), existing clause (a), has been substituted to enhance the license fees for bottle country liquor, foreign liquor and beer.

3. Sub-rule (3) has been substituted, to enhance the fees for brand registration and label approval of Country Liquor, Indian Made Foreign Liquor, Beer, Wine, Ready to drink (Low alcoholic beverages) and Bottled In Origin (BIO)

4. New Sub-rule (3-A) has been inserted, namely: First time registered and label approved in the state for Indian Made Foreign supply, no fee mon-carton approval payable, if subsequently any changes in their mono carton, the fee for such every approval for subsequently changes is payable Rs. 25000 for each brand.

5. New Serial number (6-A) has been inserted, which specifies the basic license fee for licence for sale of country liquor and RML.

6. Existing sub-rule (7) and proviso of sub-rule (7) has been deleted.

• Rule 69 AA has been amendment to enhance the annual basic license fees and minimum special vend fees.

• Under Rule 69 B which specifies fees for permits of certain excisable articles which are imported into, exported outside or transported within the State of Rajasthan, serial number 3, 4, 5 and 6 has been substituted.

• Under Rule 75(2) which specifies provision for location of shops, the existing expression “Girls School of any standard” has been substituted with “Girls School of any Standard Aanganwadi Centre”.

They will come into force at once.

[Notification No. F 4(1)FD/Ex/2020-Part-I]


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