Compliance officers face challenging times with the current ad-hoc, paper-based, and manual practices. However, technology can make compliance management more streamlined and effective in 2023.

The world of Compliance is evolving rapidly. India’s compliance universe has 1,536 Acts, 69,233 compliances, and 6,618 filings. A mid to large-sized organization deals with hundreds of acts and thousands of applicable compliances in India. The complexity of compliance management increases exponentially with industry, sector, geographic spread, size, and headcount. There are differences in forms, formats, dates, eligibility criteria, applicability, interest, and penalty structures. To add to the woes, the regulatory environment changes over 3,000 times a year. In spite of the best efforts, it is easy to miss critical compliances. The cost of missed and delayed compliance in India has gone up dramatically.

Digitization holds the key! Intelligent web and mobile platforms bring transparency, accountability, timeliness, and control in compliance management. They help the role of compliance officer mature into governance professional.

In this webinar, our panelists discuss the complexity of compliance management in India and lay down do's and don't for you to Reboot Compliance Management in 2023. The webinar will be insightful and engaging for all governance professionals.

Key Takeaways

  • The complexity of Compliance Management in India
  • How digitization helps increase transparency, accountability, and control
  • How to start a digital compliance journey


Rishi Agrawal

Co-Founder & CEO
TeamLease Regtech
Formerly - Avantis RegTech

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