Avacom - Contract Management

Contract Management Overview

Enterprises today manage thousands of contracts and this can to be a tedious task.

TeamLease Regtech Contract management software is a robust contracts and agreements management module helps you manage all kinds of contracts be it vendor contracts, supplier contracts, real estate contracts, Insurance policies, employee contracts, service contracts, maintenance contracts etc.

With TeamLease Regtech contracts management you can now streamline all aspects of contract lifecycle and increase visibility with a central repository which is highly scalable, secure, searchable and easily accessible.

 Compliance RepositoryCentralised repository

Store a contract forever with keyword tagging for easy search and retrieval with role-based access

 Compliance Workflow ManagementIntegrated workflow management

Role based task assignment for approvals, renewals, modifications and termination of new and existing contracts across your organization

 Compliance ContractContract creation

Templates, section and clauses library with an export to MS word capability to create a new contract and reduce the approval iterations

Complete Compliance AuditComplete Audit trail

Version control and audit trails for contracts ensuring you always know answers to who, what and when

 Compliance Scheduling anf alertScheduling, Alerts and reminders

Email notifications to assigned users regarding renewals, expiry, tasks and re-negotiation and termination date of contracts

 Compliance SolutionScalable solution

Store unlimited contracts, forever, reduce people dependency and increase efficiency. Our pricing is not storage dependent.