Avacom Litigation Management

The TeamLease Regtech Litigation Management is a solution focused on helping the legal professionals in corporates and businesses manage cases and appeals with great ease. The module is fully integrated with our Compliance Management.

We understand the pain of managing litigation with excel sheets and paper and other archaic systems. The pace at which the Judiciary operates makes this pain more intense. On an average a case runs from 7 to 10 years, with multiple appeals, lawyers changing, hearings, law firms, thousands of pages of documentation is created as a result. A robust litigation management system can ease this pain to a great extent.

The TeamLease Regtech Litigation Management system ensures accountability with management dashboard views, timely preparedness and access to all information with due notifications, calendars and alerts and well tagged document management system.


litigation management summary


Overview of all Notices and Cases

legal cases hearing calander

Hearing Calendar

Calendar of all scheduled court hearings

litigation updates

Real Time Updates

Graphs & Chart view of easy to use summary information

litigation configuration

Highly Configurable

Personalised tables and graphs driven by user preferences


End-to-End Litigation lifecycle

Manage all activities related to management of Case / Notice such as hearings, documents, assignments, statuses, expenses etc

Avacom litigation lifecycle


Create Notice with all relevant inputs

Create and assign task to multiple internal and external users

Upload related documentation

Track status of assigned tasks and activities

Convert a Notice into Case as appropriate

Upload and Manage multiple notices using Excel based uploads

Track and Manage associated expenses against budget


Create a new Case with all relavant data inputs

Upload multiple cases using Excel based uploads

Create and Assign task to multiple internal and external users

Upload and manage all case related documentation

Manage the appeals process and entrie case history

Link multiple cases

Track Lawyer performance based on ratings

Track and Manage associated expenses against budget

avacom litigation cases management


Access to Notice / Case details based on user role

Multiple roles and levels available to limit access

Secure one time access to relevant case for external lawyers

litigation document management

Document Management

Manage all your case / notice documentats in a centralised respository

Easy search, sort and retreival features

Access based on user roles

AES 256 bit encryption and Version Management Available

Supports 47 different file types with no limitations on file size

Alerts and Notifications

Scheduled reminders and notification on email,

Web platform and Mobile app

Set personalized reminders/alerts

litigation Alerts and Notification

litigation product configuration

Product Configuration

Supports any multi-business, multi-entity and multi-lication group

Capabilities to deploy on premises and SAAS hosted option

Monthly Subscription based Pricing Model


Auto generate 13 different reports with user preferred Location and Period

Available Reports-MIS, Closed Notice/Case, Lawyer performance,

Budget Vs Expense tracking, Lawyer details, Notice/Case payments,

Notice response, Case hearing, Court case, Court orders

litigation Mis and reports

litigation management security


Dual factor authentication for security and avoid account hacking

User activity audit log to monitor user actions


Available on real time chat, IVR, Emails & Support ticket system

Features/Training Support

Lawyers on call for domain support

On request technology support

Configuration support while implementation and modification

litigation management support