What is Industrial Law Compliance Services?

Industrial Law relates to the laws governing Industrial Enterprises. These include a wide range from employment laws to environmental concerns, contracts, industrial relations, and worker safety regulations. Industries vary widely and the policies for each are as unique as the business to which it relates. There are various acts included in Industrial Compliance Services.

Why Industrial Law Compliance Services Important?

Industrial Laws helps to put an end to unfair labour practices and provides rights, privileges, obligations and responsibilities of the workforce. Industrial legislation helps both workers and management to know exactly about their rights, duties and obligations and also the liabilities.

Employees' State Insurance

What we Offer?

    One Time Activities
  • Registrations
  • NOC’S
  • Consent To Establish
  • Licenses
  • Accreditations
  • Test Certificates
  • Annual Returns & Filings
      Part 1
    • Returns and Annual Filings
      Part 2
    • ILCS Documentation & Preparation
    • Maintaining ILCS Records
    • Checklist and Formats
  • Initial Audit or Health Check
  • Periodical Audit
  • Third Party Audit
    Training and Mock Drills
  • Training
  • Mock Drill
    • Induction Safety Training
    • PPE Training
    • First Aid Training
    • Emergency Response
    • Mock Drill
    • Fire Mock Drill

Industries we cover


Construction Projects & Apartments Building Maintenance

Factories & Manufacturing Industries

Factories & Manufacturing Industries

Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries

Emergency Response

Transports & Logistics

Shutdown Projects

Shutdown Projects/Units Oil & Gas

All Offices & Commercial

All Offices & Commercial, Buildings, Technology, Media & Telecom

Mining & Metals Power Plants

Mining & Metals Power Plants

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